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Support spay and neuter in Ploiesti, Romania, because no more pups should be born to suffer!

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Animal suffering should by no means be the norm in 21st century Romania. Yet it's the everyday reality for countless Romanian companion animals, homeless or owned.

Gia, Ellis and Lilo plus 3 other pups were born to an owned female dog. Their irresponsible and careless owners would not feed the mom and pups properly, and would allow them to roam freely in the streets scavenging for food.... Three pups died crushed by passing cars; Gia suffered a car accident which fractured her pelvis and led to two surgeries to remove a damaged kidney. A lot of unnecessary suffering of innocent pups that did not ask to be born. 

Fortunately, Gia, Ellis and Lilo are being helped by a thoughtful Dutch foundation and their future is looking bright! This Dutch organization has already supported the vet bills for puppy Gia, and will find them wonderful forever homes. How precious is this?

Gia, Ellis and Lilo are an exceptionally lucky case... They've been through hell, but hell is now over for them. But hell is not over, and will never be over, for countless thousands other pups. 

We dare to ask you for support in order to be able to provide more sterilizations as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge, an ongoing sterilization campaign that has provided this year alone over 300 free sterilizations of homeless and owned animals. A campaign born out of purest love for animals and compassion for their suffering. A campaign with the aim to prevent more innocent pups from being born to suffer. A campaign that has already sterilized Gia, Ellis and Lilo's mom, so no more pups would be born to suffer to such irresponsible owners. 

One sterilization costs 21 euro. Each single sterilization makes a difference and prevents more future suffering. Each sterilization is priceless!

Many thanks!

¬The RSDP team

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