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Do you remember the 10 puppies (6 black and white and 4 fluffy ones) from this Album:

The 4 fluffy puppies were found near the shelter gate, in a closed black plastic bag which is mostly used to collect the trash. But we know that they are pure souls and can become great companions - they are not trash! The others 6 black and white pups were rescued by Denis, one of our employee and his wife.

Now, they grew up healthy (vaccinated) and well cared thanks to our supporters donations and sociable because of our staff commitment.

Can we try together help these puppies even more? They each need to be sterilized in a few weeks. Each sterilization is 20 US$. We must raise 200 US$ in total. We welcome suggestions of names for these puppies,females and males.

See how they look now:


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