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From 1997, 'Permits to Acquire' (PTA) were needed to register a firearm on a Queensland Shooters Licence costing $30 to $32, with a wait from one month to eleven months.
Many examples of missing at the police station, missing in Weapons licencing, missing in the post, returned to the wrong address and expired before corrected meant that it had to be paid for again.
Result=Hundreds of thousands of Unhappy Queenslanders.


During the recent Amnesty the Dealers have written the persons Shooter Licence details on a form,
identified the firearm on the counter in front of them,
entered the details on the same form, included their licence details, photocopied the sheet, faxed it to Queensland Police, given a copy to the shooter.
Job done. Shooter leaves the premises with his firearm.
It has not cost the Queensland Police a brass razoo up to that point and they have all the details that they require.
Result to Date , Many thousands of Happy Queenslanders.

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(For more information on the subject, please go to the "Firearm Owners Association of Australia"  website)

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