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Not buy any violent FPS games for a year

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How this will help

The AAA industry has been churning out violent FPS games and seems to have no interest in making anything else.  If we are going to innovate and be taken more seriously as a medium, we need to demand better or at least more variety in our games.  

Indie game designers like myself are trying to bring new experiences to the market, but not everyone is a game designer and we can only make so much of an impact with our small audiences.

So if we all ban together and boycott any violent FPS game for a year, the industry might actually have to create something new for a change. Nothing speaks to businesses like their bottomline being at risk.

Easy right?  Just sign the pledge and promise not to buy any violent FPS games for a year.  

If we get enough people to join, the industry might actually make some changes.


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