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AIDS RIDE 2016, Melbourne to Durban for an AIDS FREE Generation!

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BCARE India is a registered NGO based in Hyderabad, BIC117 of 2003, with a mission to prevent further transmission of HIV in the global community. BCARE USA INC. is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Code. Thus, BACRE is recognized as a public charity by the IRS.

Problem: 2011 UNAIDS reports, number of people living with HIV/AIDS are 34.2 million and 8 million PLWHA received ARV, 330 000 children who acquired HIV infection, 2.5 million people acquired HIV infected, 1.7 million died of AIDS related illness. In Asia and pacific about 5 million PLWHA.

Origin and Experience: The idea of connecting the biggest International AIDS Conferences came to existence from AIDS 2006 Toronto, when B'Care for the first created a milestone 'AIDS RIDE 2008', a complete bicycle ride that connected AIDS 2006 & AIDS 2008, on 52 days including 8 resting days! The followed by AIDS RIDE 2010, Mexico City to Vienna, Austria- local bike rides in between, our recent bike ride AIDS RIDE 2012, Boston to Washington DC complete bike ride. 

The next ride is..

AIDS RIDE 2016, Melbourne Australia to Durban that paves way to the 21st International AIDS Conference, Durban! AIDS RIDE 2016 is likely hit ICAAP 2015 (AIDS RIDE 2016, Calcutta to Dhaka) ICASA 2015 (AIDS RIDE 2016 Tunisia), IAS 2015, (AIDS RIDE 2014, Vancouver Canada) and finally AIDS 2016 Durban (AIDS RIDE 2014 Durban)

The recent finished bike ride was AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia. AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, USA to Melbourne, Australia is a global bike ride event took place in few selected countries that could form a pathway to 20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australia, (AIDS 2014) like: India, Bangkok, South Africa and finally in Australia at the AIDS 2014 Conference!

The aims and objectives of AIDS Ride 2014 are as follows: 1) To raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, 2) To counter stigma and discrimination, thereby promoting and protecting human rights, and more specifically to embody in our actions the theme of the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), 3) To bridge the geographical space between the 19th International AIDS Conference (Washington DC, United States) and the 20th International AIDS Conference (Melbourne, Australia) and 4) finally fundraising.

The AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai is already launched on World AIDS Day 2013 Dec 1st 2013. For all quiries, please contact the steering committee:

BCARE International & AIDS RIDE 2014, Hyderabad to Mumbai, [email protected]

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