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The Outcast Agency & Facebook

Go see this vile page for yourself !!         We are tired of The Outcast Agency (The PR firm Facebook hired) for allowing such Anti Semite pages to be up & not take our reporting seriously ! Call them & make your voice heard after signing and sharing. We removed over 100 similar pages this week. But they don't stop it. WE MUST !!

Ms. Alex Constantinople, Partner/[email protected]  MOBILE: 917-903-0478DIRECT: 415-345-4716Darlyn Phyllips, [email protected] Snyder, [email protected]: 917-447-6120DIRECT: 646-737-9102Heather Mao, Director of Human [email protected]: 415-345-4703Kerry Walker, [email protected] Hahm, Senior VPAt OutCast, Rebecca Hahn works with brands including Facebook and [email protected]: 714-642-2915Nicki Dugan, [email protected]: 415-298-9070DIRECT: 415-345-4782Helena Maus, Senior [email protected]: 510-290-0296DIRECT: 415-345-4781Elizabeth McNichols, Senior [email protected]: 415-345-3760


Michael Mendelson

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Who believe The Outcast Agency, Facebook's PR agent isn't doing their job in keeping Anti Semites out of social media. We won't stop till this comes to a stop !!


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