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Imagine a graduation ceremony where your principal purposely reads the wrong name. Add your voice in support of trans equality activist and high school senior Isaak Wolfe. 

Issak Wolfe is a senior at Red Lion Area Senior High School and will be graduating with the rest of the senior class on June 7th. Issak, who is a female to male transgender student, started his transition the summer before his Junior year and has been going by the name Issak for the past two years. Now, as graduation approaches, his school is refusing to read the name Issak Wolfe when he receives his diploma because it is not the name on his birth certificate. School administration reported that they would only read the name Issak if he got it legally changed but the process takes far longer than the one month before graduation day. 

This is not the first time that Issak has run into conflicts of discrimination at his school. Earlier this year, Issak intended to run for Prom King of Red Lion High but school administration refused to put him on the list, instead telling him that he could only run for Prom Queen because they did not identify him as a male. 

Despite these conflicts, Issak has been a stellar member of the Red Lion High community. He leads the Gay Straight Alliance group at school and loves taking art and ceramic classes. He also had his prom outfit (seen above) custom made for him and wants to pursue a career in business and fashion after graduation!

Please show your support for Issak by signing this card in celebration of his graduation! 

*If you don't have a facebook account and you still want to sign, please send your name and location to!

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