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For our kids,for the future-no more killers!Lets bring kindness,compassion
and CHARITY in the kids education !just like we dont let plants or trees grow
wrong,we shouldnt let children grow with an education that reflects the worst
things in life:hate,cruelty,murder.children must be educated in a normal way,a
good way.this involves the fact that they must not hate animals.God
said"Dont'kill"; He didnt said "Dont kill people,but you can
kill animals,mutilate them,whatever" !!!!!

So this cause is for the people who educate their children in a bad way-i
knew parents who had the house full of pictures with saints,angels,God and
talked to their children about God but they always said to the kids that
"the dogs are bad and bite,and the cats are ugly" they learned the
little kids to hit the cats and dogs .OMG!!! can you believe this?

The world is full of "orthodox"people like that!!with work,I hope-
and my goal is to change at least 25%from these kids who are inoculated with
hate for dogs ,cats and other animals who never harmed shouldnt be
afraid or hate animals like cats and dogs,who are truly best friends and should
learn how to interact with them corectly .For animal haters:you say the dog
definition is "dog bites"and you hate him but cats dont bite.why so
much cats killers???! cats are not "ugly" and shouldnt be
mutilated!!!dog definition isnt "The dog bite" and dogs shouldnt be
mutilated!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~ "cine fura azi un OU,maine va fura un BOU"-
who steals today an egg,tomorrow will still an ox;with other words,who can kill
an animal,can kill a person !!!!

Educating kids to love animals doesnt mean to love the purebreed dogs/cats
and hate or harm the ones who live in the streets!!!We have plenty of
"animal lovers"like that in Romania!! :( :( It is all about
compassion,kindness,charity,real love! Adopt a dog or a cat!! Any dog or cat!!
A street animal or a shelter animal has the same rights and has the same huge love just as a purebreed animal!

Finally,the main goal of this cause is to be shared all over internet and to
generate groups of volunteers in every country ,who will go to schools and
kindergardens and talk with kids about the corect and kind interaction with
animals.I think there will be many institutions that will allow this visit,even
if not all.This visit doesnt take much time nor effort,if we are many people
its great and easy.A day on year ,a visit its enough and its great.It will
bring a huge change! Kids may be bad-educated but they have their own brains and hearts! I will start searching for volunteers in in my country.Good luck and kisses for everybody!


Alina Cetverousov

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