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We need to raise $3,000 in 30 Days to provide arts education to 300 students for the rest of the school year. If 100 people donate $30 by June 10th, we can achieve this goal (all donations are welcome)!

While some middle schools offer arts education after school, these programs do not reach all students. The By Any Dreams Necessary Artist in Residence Program reaches every single student during the regular school day through one-hour sessions four days a week. Dance instruction includes African Haitian, Modern, Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Improvisation, West African, and Tap.

While access to creative outlets throughout the school day is valuable in itself, art is also linked to an array of other benefits, particularly at a school like UPA, where 93 percent of students are lower-income, and 60 percent are English Language Learners. Studies show that socio-economically disadvantaged students and English Language Learners demonstrate the greatest academic improvement when taking part in arts programs. UPA also attributes socio-emotional benefits – such as decreased suspensions – to students' involvement in the By Any Dreams Necessary Artist in Residence Program.  

The $3,000 we raise provides dance education for 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Urban Promise Academy. Your donation really makes a difference!  Please donate today and help us reach our goal by sharing this with all your friends and family. 

With profound gratitude,

Garrett Naiman 

Founder and Executive Director                                                                         

By Any Dreams Necessary

"When we ask families to brainstorm about their ideal school, you might expect them to focus only on academics, but we consistently hear them say they value whole-child education and want their children to have more opportunities to be artistic and creative. After hearing this year after year, as a staff we've said, 'We've got to really embrace this,' and our partnership with By Any Dreams Necessary has given us that opportunity."

                                                                      - Mark Triplett, School Principal

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