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"The best Mother's Day gift I could possibly receive is to know my daughter's burns are healing."—Cynthia, mother of 4-year-old burn survivor Ariana.

Cynthia's daughter, Ariana, sustained burns to 30% of her body when hot tea spilled on her while her family was dining at a restaurant.  She was treated for 3rd degree burns from her chin to abdomen, including her arms.  Skin had to be taken from her head to perform skin grafts to cover the burned areas of her body.  The family was thrown into great despair, and they did not know where to turn.

What started as family emergency assistance for Ariana and her family became so much more. Ariana, her parents and siblings regularly attend our Child & Family Support Groups.  They are learning how to cope with this tragedy and move forward.  When people look at Ariana or ask her what happened, she has learned how to respond back to these individuals with confidence.

For moms who spend days on end in the hospital next to their children, Mother's Day will come and go and they will barely even notice.  There are so many moms like Cynthia, which is why we are turning to you for help.

Please consider a gift to help children like Ariana on the road to
and to give Cynthia and other parents like her the hope that, this
Mother's Day, their child is a step closer to a full recovery!

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