Donate to Family Builders by Adoption

This fundraiser closed 3 months ago

There is nothing more important to Family Builders than finding permanent families for our kids. So, when the Lurie Foundation (owners of the SF Giants) gave us a grant for our Older Youth Program that adds impact to the gifts our supporters were making, we were very excited. Our Older Youth Permanency Program is one of our most important programs. Children over the age of 5 often languish in foster care, never finding a permanent family…simply because many people feel the children are too old to adopt. But Family Builders works every day to change that thinking, and with your help and the commitment of the Lurie Foundation, we will find as many permanent families for our older youth as possible. The commitment from the Lurie Foundation comes in the form of a matching grant. The grant promises Family Builders fifty cents for every dollar in new gifts or increased gifts from last year's donors that we receive.  This generous grant will encourage our supporters to increase their giving levels and to inspire new donors to support Family Builders' programs, which are so greatly needed to assist our children and youth in foster care. We need to reach our goal of $70,000 in order to receive the match of $35,000 from the Lurie Foundation. And with your support and the support of all our donors, we know that we can hit a Homerun for Our Kids!

So, please give generously this year, and increase the impact that your gift has. 

Together, let's hit it out of the park!

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