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I passed a gunshot residue test even though I have an alibi even though the eye witness said it wasn't me even though the fingerprints on the gun weren't mine and it was found in someone else's car even though the footprint wasn't mine My witnesses were never called and I couldn't afford a lawyer so I had to share a public defender with the man who made a deal to testify against me.When the situation with the public defender was discovered he was replaced by a former DA who made no effort to find the witnesses for my defense.

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Shai Dune

My name is Darrell Lomax. I am currently condemned to Death Row at San Quentin, California State Prison. I was judged guilty in September 1996 in the Long Beach Superior Court for the alleged crime of robbery and murder. I did not commit these crimes, nor did I have knowledge of them. I have been wrongfully convicted and condemned to death. I believe the evidence in my case will support my innocence.


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