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This urgent Cause supports a unified action of indigenous peoples in resistence to the mega-dams planned or under construction in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.  
Many actions have taken place during the month of May and June. 140 people from six indigenous groups from the Xingu, Tapajós and Teles Pires River basins traveled in early June to Brasilia following 17 days of protest at the Belo Monte dam construction site. In Brasilia there was more protests, occupations and marches, creating what people have termed "the Indigenous Spring". Indigenous and traditional communities on the Xingu are not giving up and neither are we. Your support is needed NOW! Stand by Indigenous People's side in defense of the Xingu, Tapajos and all of the Amazon! Please donate to this Cause today!  Support is needed immediately for food, travel, communications and legal advice. "We come asking for peace, respect, and the upholding of the laws under the Constitution," said one of the leaders.    Your support is needed to demand that these rights, guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution, be fully respected and observed.  The Brazilian government's reckless plans to build an extensive network of large dams across the regions last wild rivers will devastate an extensive area of the Amazon rainforest, threatening the survival of indigenous and traditional peoples.  For daily updates follow: (includes English translations of statements)  Thank you!


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