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We are so excited to have Quincy Briscoe and Charlie Slattery ride from Tundra to Tijuana for Project Enlighten. All the donations raised in this program will support a community outside of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Project Enlighten is working with the community's School Director Mr. Togh on the following project:

Our aim is to provide a cleaner and healthier living environment for those families living on the garbage dump. No family and surely no child deserves to live like this. We need to raise $15,000

  • Build up to 8 houses; 
  • Install wells and water filters;
  • Build toilets and washing areas; 
  • Encourage them to use the rest of the land to grow vegetables & chickens.
  • Erect a boundary fence;
  • Provide support and training opportunities so families no longer need to rely on the Dump for a living.
Quincy Brisoce: The Epic Journey is about to begin. Tundra to Tijuana us spread the word! Your chance to help Project Enlighten bring Education to those who need it most!

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