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We've all seen the horrific images of hundreds of innocent women burned or crushed to death in factories while making our clothes. In the next few days we can get companies to stop it from happening again.

Western clothing brands and retailers source from hundreds of factories in Bangladesh. Two major companies, including Tommy Hilfiger / Calvin Klein, have signed a very strong fire and building safety agreement. Others, led by Wal-Mart, have been trying to wriggle out of signing by creating a weak alternative that was pure PR. But the latest disaster has triggered crisis meetings and massive pressure to sign the strong version that can save lives. Negotiations end in days.

JC Penney has been dragging its feet on factory safety ever since 2010 when 29 workers were killed in a factory where they sewed JC Penney clothing, trapped inside while a fire raged. Now that two brands - Joe Fresh and Mango - that are widely sold at JC Penney stores have been found in the rubble at the Rana Plaza building collapse where over 800 workers were killed last month, it's time to raise the pressure on JC Penney to finally adopt factory safety.

People are being forced to make our clothing in outrageously dangerous buildings -- sign on to make them safe, and share this page widely.


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