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First Nations, Metis and Inuits

Our Government has proceeded without notice to First Nation Members to cut out many Benefits.  These Benefits were once privy to First Nation Members not because they were First Nations people but because Treaties were established and signed by the Government with First Nations Members in HONOR AND WITH RESPECT.

The cuts to Education, Dental, Eye care, and other Health prescriptions are being made on a gradual basis however they appear consistent and ongoing.   .  The cuts are not only disturbing but also questionable. 

The Government passed Bill C31 and are now settling on Residential Schools claims with First Nations Members and rather then adding funds to the already exhausted funding available to First Nations, cuts appear to be made on our Benefits, Our Rights..  

Quite recently a report came out that the Government mispend a billion dollars and they are attacking our Benefits, our Rights to what cover their wrongdoing to make it right by doing what more wrong doing?


Jessie LaForest

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To stop the Government from cutting more of our Benefits!

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