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Rehabilitation Facilities

There is a terrible disconnect in the system. Addicts are not allowed to detox AND rehabilitate in the SAME facility. This is the reason there is such a high failure rate. Whilst i have had many facilities agree with me, they refuse to recognize that this system has to be corrected. Detoxing in 7 days (or the longest 21 days) for a heroin addict is not conducive to a successful detox and has been proven unsuccessful time & time again over many, many years, yet, when a caring parent such as i, tries to inquire as to why they do not want to take the word of an addict (or an addict's family member) the addict is blown off & intimidated, humiliated & made out to be nothing but weak, manipulative & needs to "man up" & the family member fighting for the addict's rights, is accused of being "an enabler" & told to attend meetings for parents of addicts!!! Tarzana Treatment Center in Los Angeles is amongst the worst of them with staff that are cruel, rude with not an ounce of compassion.


Louise McReynolds

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So that we can put an end to the high failure rate and actually help the addict who suffers this terrible disease, alone.

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