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If you're like me, you've had ENOUGH of the Facebook pages that target dogs and their owners.  Pages like Dogs Suck Especially Pit BullsThe only good dog is a dead dog or a caged oneDogs Suck 2.5, and a host of others are popping up almost daily.  These pages promote animal cruelty and stigmatize certain breeds.  They joke about harming dogs and post photos of animals that are dead, seriously injured, or are being abused.  When many of us report these pages, posts, photos, and administrators, there is no "animal abuse" reason option that we can choose.  This ensures that Facebook can look the other way because they don't consider these horrific displays a violation of their Community Standards.  This is wrong.  This must stop.  Join the fight to protect our furry friends and get these pages off of Facebook!


Justine Curry

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