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Support sterilizations of needy Romanian animals, so no more pups and kitten would be born to suffer

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After celebrating our Orthodox Easter we are ready to push the acceleration pedal again to help the Romanian strays from Ploiesti. In a Romanian city with estimates of up to 8,000 strays, it really is a must that we tirelessly work to help these animals, and especially prevent more births of innocent pups and kitten born to suffer.

For May we are full of dreams and hopes. We always need your support towards sterilizing more needy animals. With such severe stray overpopulation, sterilizations are sorely needed. Both for female dogs and cats, both for stray and owned animals. One sterilization costs 21 euro and it really has far reaching implications on the long run.

For May we wish to provide at least 81 sterilizations. Of the goal of 81 sterilizations, we wish to sterilize 21 cats and 60 female dogs. Since the request for cat sterilizations is getting bigger and bigger, it was a must for us to start including the cats in our target.  

Homeless animals of Ploiesti would be super grateful for your gift towards sterilizations. In such a severely overpopulated community, we need your help to sterilize these animals in order to prevent more unfortunate souls being born to a life of suffering.

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Very many thanks, thanks from the heart!

¬the RSDP team

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