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Hi Friends, as some of you might know, my birthday is fast approaching. And since I don't have a habit of celebrating my birthdays, this year I've decided to do something for the animals on my 30th. Ideally I'd like to rise at least $500AUD by end of May 2013 to Best Friends Animal Society in the US.

Nearly 30 years ago, when Best Friends helped launch and pioneer the no-kill movement, over 17 million homeless pets were dying in the nation's shelters. Today, that number is down to around 4 million unnecessary deaths annually – that is tremendous progress, but Best Friends is committed to reducing that number to zero. It's a mission that is call No More Homeless Pets. By partnering with local governments, grassroots organizations and passionate individuals, they are making big strides toward ending the unnecessary killing of shelter pets in the United States.

We can make a difference around the world by contribute small amounts of our drinking/ party/ shopping/ travel funds, it would be amazing to see all the stray dogs/ cats getting the best care they deserves. Just think of all the petitions you've signed, and all the animal cruelty clips you've seen over the years, it's time to do something about it.

(Ideally I'd like to donate to AnimalsTaiwanAssociation, however after hours of web search, there is no sites that supports animal causes in Taiwan on an international scale; feel free to go on their website and make a one off Paypal donation;

All donations will be greatly appreciated! 

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