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In this day and age, we really do not do as much as we should to protect our kids. Voting in schools during a school day is not just a risk, but it's an invitation for just about anyone that doesn't belong anywhere near a school to walk right in and slip through the cracks.  Our children and teachers have the right to be safe when they are in school and it's much too easy for someone to slip out of sight while they are milling around. There are so many things we need to change... but the first thing is to stop talking to each other about the things that make us nervous and start doing something about them. Otherwise, we will find out the hard way when something happens and we never implemented any changes to prevent it.  Sign the petition if you agree that Peabody should remove public voting from our public schools and that the administration should find a more appropriate location for voting.  

On May 28th at 7:30 pm (Kiley Building), the school committee will be discussing this issue.    Please attend this meeting to show your support and be ready with your own personal reasons for supporting this issue (in case of public participation).  Thank you!


KD DeLoreto

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To remove public voting from all of the public schools in Peabody.


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