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Contact MEDIA to report on human rights for Mordechai

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How this will help

The attached photo is from "BIG PRISON" a new documentary by Lars Ramberg:

Vanunu describes Jerusalem as his new – big prison. The media have forgotten him and the states that wanted to grant him asylum went silent after pressure from Israel.

With BIG PRISON Ramberg addresses Vanunus continuing situation, of the lack of human rights.

As he is walking along the borders of his big prison; from checkpoint to checkpoint, Vanunu reminds the world that he still is in prison - eager to get out. Like a Tiger in a cage. The distance in the shots allow the audience to take the position of the surveillance camera as if they were the secret police themselves…Now is the time to let him go. Freedom Now!

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Mordechai Vanunu's Release from 'Big Prison' maybe by May 30th


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