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The Government is Banning Classic Cars... 

No Joke Hi I am Nathan Wratislaw and I want to let You Know about a Very unfair Law. There is a Very Unfair Tax Coming in Netherlands and 70,000 People are needed to sign the Petition I made a Video On the issue Here is a Link to that Please Share this Video and this cause I sell Car thats one end but Forget about that. There are people who have bought themselves a Nice Classic and Now the Government will want $2000 to $4500 PER YEAR for Road Tax!

We Cannot let this Type of thing Take Hold ANYWHERE!!! If they Do this is Netherlands they can Do it Anywhere Dont let this Evil idea take hold as another way to make you classic car into a Cash for Cluckers Worthless Hunk of Iron.

PLEASE SHARE THIS CAUSE AND MY VIDEO and Most Of all Sign the Petition You do NOT have to be a Dutch Resident to sign the Petition and every one helps!

What is happening in the Netherlands right now is that the government wants to discontinue a law that has been here for ages. As some of you might know is that we are paying the highest amount of Road Tax in Europe, maybe even in the world. Oldtimers (25 years and older) are exempt for paying this Tax, the government wants to change the law and have us all pay the ridiculous high amounts as if it was a normal cal for daily use. We need 70.000 signatures before May 14th, so even if you live outside of the Netherlands, but want to support us, you are welcome to sign!Clicking on the Dutch page will show you two fields, 'Naam' and 'E-mail', Naam means Name so fill in you first and last name here and your email-address in the second field. Then click 'Aanmelden' to submit your signature. The next page is for a contributing-fee but you can close your browser from there.Here is the link! Thanks for supporting us.

Who am I Is this Legit.. My Personal Info and Business info is Included Below

Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy

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