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Since summer 2012 the team at BOS Nyaru Menteng has been accomplishing something truly astonishing. They've released dozens of orangutans into a safe, pristine forest called Batikap. And they plan to release several dozen more by the end of 2013. 

The orangutans need YOU!  Your donation, large or small, can make a HUGE difference to our orangutans future.  YOU can help send the orangutans back home.

Orangutan Outreach's BOS Nyaru Menteng Release Fund

How Your Donation Helps:

  • $5 allows BOS to buy food and milk for one orangutan during the journey to freedom
  • $10 covers the costs of one vehicle transporting 4 cages from the center to the airport
  • $50 can buy field equipment for one staff member for the year (bags, boots etc.)
  • $350 allows BOS to buy GPS unit for tracking
  • $500 allows BOS to buy 1 radio tracking implant or covers the costs of health tests and genetic tests for one orangutan
  • $1000 covers the cost of air transport for one orangutan cage to the halfway transport point
Thank you for supporting Orangutan Outreach's BOS Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Release Fund!   Team OO  {:(|}  {:(|)  {8(|}
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