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TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP MONTH OF ACTION PLANNING MEETING Join TradeJustice New York Metro, a coalition of grassroots groups from diverse movements for social justice and environmental protection for a day-long meeting to plan lobby visits, protests, teach-ins, and other actions to drag TPP out of the shadows and let Congress know that we will not tolerate another backroom trade deal for the 1%!

Saturday, May 4th, 2013, 10AM-6:30PMBarnard College's Diana Center, Room 504 on the Barnard Campus (north of 116th Street on the West side of Broadway in Manhattan) 


Directions: 1 train to 116th Street. Walk north and west.

RSVPrequested: * Read the agenda.

The other shoe has dropped.

Japan – the world's 3rd largest economy - is joining TPP negotiations – vastly expanding the scope and potentially devastating consequences of what was already the largest trade agreement in history – an agreement that threatens to attack our environmental laws, undermine labor rights, limit access to lifesaving drugs, curtail internet freedom, expand factory farm agriculture, and prevent regulation of the financial industry. 

But instead of proceeding with caution with this massive shift, the Obama administration and its Congressional allies is moving full speed ahead – with Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus intending to bring a vote on Fast Track Authority to the Senate floor by June! If Congress passes Fast Track, it will cede the power to make any changes to TPP when it reaches Congress – allowing President Obama to deliver a TPP full of anti-environment, anti-labor, and anti-health and safety provisions without fear that Congress will attempt to correct these most egregious aspects of the agreement.  If President Obama sends TPP to Congress without Fast Track, he will have to go back to the negotiating table with the 11 other TPP nations to seek consensus on any changes that Congress makes to the text of the agreement – delaying and potentially permanently derailing TPP.  

Thus, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that we do everything in our power to create public attention and apply MAXIMUM PRESSURE RIGHT NOW to demand that Congress not pass Fast Track Authority for TPP. With the 17th round of TPP negotiations beginning in Lima, Peru on May 15th, we must take action in May – in solidarity with people throughout the TPP nations to say NO NAFTA ON STEROIDS! Learn more about the TPP here!

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