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It's been shown that writing a letter to the editor (LTE) is a great way to make your voice heard in the media and America's Voice, an immigration reform advocacy organization in Washington, DC, has made it easy for you to do so.

All you need to do is go to the link below and they will provide an online form that you can use to write an LTE and they'll also provide good guidance on how to target your LTE.

Take the pledge and write an LTE, so that you can play a part in influencing the outcome of the immigration reform debate taking place in Congress right now. Congressional staff make it a habit to read the letters to the editor section of newspapers, magazines and online publications to gauge public sentiment for a bill. Your opinion is important and could make the difference between passage of immigration reform or having to wait another decade to make changes to a system that has caused so much pain to immigrant communities throughout our country.

So take the pledge now and make your way over to America's Voice to use the online form provided:


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