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It gives an insight into the world, films are taken from all over the world, shared with communities in hope to inspire/ provoke change, though building an art movement that can help us express issues that chain us/ hold us back, hence it gives youth and communities a chance to take critical standpoint in their lives, this is done by watching films and discussing the issues present by them. As they present an opportunity of exploring various issues of human interest and to learn different ways of dealing with life's challenges.

In time the clubs will be offered other activity and those are in arts like theater, dance, music, etc. You will participate in discussions, debates, workshops, courses, events, and production. You will also have practical opportunities and knowledge to engage with, and learn more about democracy.

ACDC-Film Club Project, building an arts, culture, education and development movement for all children, youth and communities in every zone, in every township, in every location, in every town, city, village, in every province, in every part of our country...........IN THE UNIVERSE

ACDC-Film Club Project

Cinema For Change

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