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Dear Leaders, 

Animal abuse/cruelty is an ongoing issue that affects so many lives each year! More than 150 billion animals are slaughtered per year... just for food! Many animals do die a slow and painful death, whether it be in loud, bloodied slaughterhouses, dying whilst being transported in trucks or on ships for weeks, death from being poached, euthanasia, in laboratories, or from being tortured just to entertain its "owner" - all of these animals die feeling distressed, scared and hurt. The number one golden rule; switch places with the animal you see and if you find yourself not freely wanting to trade places with them, then why should they have to endure being in that position?! That's not fair!

In this modern day, there is no need for animal cruelty at all! We have all evolved into better, more compassionate and caring human beings. Out of the 7 billion people living on this planet, each and every single one of us are able to live a cruelty-free life towards animals. Many of us who have signed this petition ask one simple question, "If about 95% of Earth's population claimed they were against animal abuse when asked if they were, why is there not 95% of Earth's population living a cruelty-free life?" It's simple, not many people really know the full extent of animal cruelty. They only see animal cruelty as being people who torture animals, but they forget about the hundreds of thousands of animals being slaughtered each day in slaughterhouses! They forget about the ship that left Australia 2 weeks ago with 200,000+ livestock on it that will be later purchased and chauffeured around in the trunks/boots of the buyers car. Most people are oblivious to what animal cruelty really includes, and therefore don't see that soo many more animals are being treated unfairly than what they thought there were. 

This is why soo many people, including me, have signed this petition and are sending it to you. We  need help! We need help to raise awareness about the different TYPES of animal cruelty. We need to tell people what really goes on in slaughterhouses and/or in laboratories. Once we educate them, then they can personally make a choice whether they want to continue supporting those industries and prolong animal cruelty, or if they want to put a stop to it and prevent animal cruelty. If only all of the industries involved had glass walls! How many people do you think would immediately speak up? We bet, a lot! 

Sure, with shutting down these industries there will be a lot of money that will be lost in the economy... or will there be? There are soo many more industries that could do with this money that will help improve the economy, and also the country! For example, we are also facing global warming. By putting the animal-cruelty-based-money into industries that help equip houses with solar panels or that build wind turbines, we are not only putting this money towards a greater cause and use, we are also ensuring we keep our country, and planet, a lot healthier for future generations. Plus, our economy increases due to the money everyone gets back for the excess power they produce! So many more job places will be opened up in an industry of fitting solar panels to thousands of homes! 

So once again, we need your help! By being in a very high political position, you are able to get the message across quicker and are able to make changes. We look up to political leaders, like you, every day as we know you can make the biggest difference in this world! You have the power in your hands, and we hope you realise that. Change needs to happen! Equality needs to be reached for ALL living, sentient beings. It starts through education. 


Crystal Edwards

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How this will help

Change can happen quicker, and more effectively when more people speak up on the issue! By signing this petition, you are one more voice for the animals! If we all sign the petition, our voices...

Change can happen quicker, and more effectively when more people speak up on the issue! By signing this petition, you are one more voice for the animals! If we all sign the petition, our voices and plea's become louder! More people will hear about this re-occuring issue, and more people will want to change what's happening! 


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