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First, lets get one thing straight. Gorillas are awesome. I don't think anybody is debating that fact.

In September I'm taking part in the Great Gorilla Run (put together by The Gorilla Organisation) to raise awareness and money for the plight of the gorillas. I'll be running 7k through the streets of London in a full body gorilla suit along with hundreds of others and I'm hoping to raise (at least) £400 to help fight the poaching and habitat loss of gorillas.


There are four species of gorilla, three of which are listed as Critically Endangered, and the other as Endangered. This run is specifically in aid of the Mountain Gorilla, who number fewer than 800 left in the wild, but the organisation works with all four species to help prevent the poaching and habitat destruction which is leading to their rapid decline.

  • If I can raise £400 this can equip a team of rangers with GPS units to help monitor the gorillas. 
  • £1200 could plant 240 trees, which will help to build up a buffer zone to protect the gorilla's forest home and provide them with a bigger habitat to live in.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

As this charity is a UK registered charity sponsorships cannot be made dircetly from this site. However;

Please help this cause by either going to this fundraising page and sponsoring my run, or by pledging to share this page with your friends. Even if you can't donate, making the pledge will raise this campaign's profile and allow more people to donate.


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