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Dear Members, 

True justice for Palestinians, Israelis, and all of us depends on so much more that an end to Israel's occupation.  That is one of the reasons I joined the May Day March through my own community in San Francisco's Mission District.

The march reminded me of the many organizations - large and small - that are necessary to achieve real, lasting, social change.  These groups depend on funding from foundations, members, and individuals. 

The point sunk home because Interfaith Peace-Builders is trying to meet our budget. With 2 months left in the fiscal year, we need to raise about $5,000 more in donations.

Will you make a generous contribution now to help us meet our budget this year?

Any amount - large or small - will help us meet our goal and fulfill IFPB's important mission.

Yesterday was also my 32nd birthday.  I was 22 years old when I joined an IFPB delegation after graduating from the University of California in Santa Cruz. At that time, a divestment campaign I was working on was taking a beating, unable to gain traction as it was attacked vociferously.

That is why I am so excited by the victories emanating from the UC system lately.  Student governments at UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UC Irvine have recently passed divestment resolutions!

Interfaith Peace-Builders is one of a handful of national organizations that is connecting individuals in the US directly to BDS leaders in Palestine and Israel.

Please act now to help us meet our need.  Your generous donation helps us strengthen the connections we have fostered and support IFPB delegates in their educational outreach and activism.

My heartfelt thanks for your support! 


Jacob Pace
Communications and Advocacy Coordinator

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