Pledge to

- individually and socially - save the planet, respecting the environment and all living things, abo

This pledge closed about 6 years ago

How this will help

The Agenda of the Planet Earth invites you to subscribe to the eight main points of individual pledge and the proposals to institutions in an attempt  to "change the world" .

Point 1. For every citizen of the world: the observation, knowledge, and understanding of cosmic and planetary laws, mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, ethology, love, art, wellness   
Point. 2  Respect  for the environment   
Point 3. Justice between the species: a respect for all living beings  
Point 4. The abolition of social inequalities with an economy based on ethics  
Point 5. The abolition of all exploitation and massacre of human and non-human 
Point 6. The abolition of war and famine
Point 7.  Laws common to all Member States, for the maintenance of justice and peace
Point 8.  A control of all forms of individual and collective violence

A massive response of the citizens will help to eliminate many injustices

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