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  • According to the CDC Native Americans males have the highest suicide rate of any ethnic group.
  • America's secularization has gone from only 15% in the 1950s up to 40% in 2001; and headed for 60% percent by 2010!
  • America is now the 3rd largest unchurched people group.

At a time when our country is amidst an obvious moral and ethic decay, we will not just sit and watch. We are committed to change and believe the Church has the responsibility of facilitating this change. This is why we are active in street ministry and domestic missions.

Calvary Commission will be taking a team of commissioners to Cubero, New Mexico to preach the Gospel of Jesus to a hurting and hopeless people group. From July 13th through July 21st we will be ministering on the Acoma Indian Reservation. We will be focusing on reaching the Acoma people through one-on-one evangelism, dramas, youth rallies and the preaching of the Word.

We are in need of your help in raising the necessary funds to minister to the Acoma people. You can securely give through this website. Your continued prayers and support in helping us win souls for Jesus is very appreciated. is a fundraising tool and we are in no way associated with or approve of any of the other causes that people are using the tool to raise funds for.
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