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The College of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest-Romania is lazily making animals suffer for no reason.  This College has brought shame upon itself.  

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest!

passing through the college campus I saw this poor animal was in an indescribable pain, his left eye is missing and in its place there is only a hole full of flies and worms that ooze a trail of blood burgundy with a smell awful, but I squeezed a little and still feel the smell of death permeated on my handsalmost deserted campus, I asked the first person I came in about what was happening to this small pony, and after many hesitations I was told to expect to be euthanized at the anatomy, the problem is that waiting for more than three days and will expect students to go holiday, meaning at least another week of agony, no I can not understand how is still alive ...I think people should learn from this terrible situation and how animals are treated in this institution of higher educationI can not do anything more, but I beseech you share_uiti this post and maybe something will be done to end the suffering of these innocent beingsThank you and I apologize for cruelty images, but this is the reality

This is the contact information for the University


Between Hotel Sofitel and Manastirea Casin

R.A.T.B.: 41, 42, 105, 131, 330, 331, 335

Bulevardul MARASTI nr. 59, Bucuresti, Cod: 011464Rectorat Office

Phone: +40 (21) 318 22 66

Fax: +40 (21) 318 28 88

Email: [email protected]


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