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Stokes County Commissioners and County Manager

Ok everyone that wants to voice their dismay/outrage over the decision to euthanize all animals at the Stokes Shelter that do not come in with a vaccine history need to be calling,emailing,writing the Stokes County Commissioners, and the county manager to let them know we do not feel this is the answer.Let THEM know we hold them accountable for this act of wanton murder! Rather than be proactive and put up outside runs to clean properly or transfer these animals to other shelters where they stand a chance of adoption or at the least have adopters sign a waiver that the animal may become sick and let them make an informed choice, they would rather kill them all and spend our tax dollars on what THEY want! Let them know we FEEL... that the animals of Stokes are not disposable trash! The mentality of Stokes officials who continue to feel that ”if one gets sick there are plenty more to take its place is not acceptable to us the voting community. We do NOT want our tax dollars spent murdering innocent animals that we pay to have cared for through our tax dollars!  This is how we can start saving the animals is by a group effort of letting them know your feelings. PLEASE sign and share this petition...IT WILL get their attention.


Jill Hudspeth Burgess

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How this will help

To Save the Dogs!  They are being killed due to decision made by the commissioners and county manager...they need to know this is not acceptable. No adoption policy is inhumane


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