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Hi my name was luna,I was a loving ,sweet ,caring ,fun and extremely friendly 'rottweiler' …..I loved going for walks around the neighborhood , going to the beach and I really loved being with my family and visits to the vet..

I had 4 brothers Tridan, Ruffles, Pluto and Izzy (my feline brother),even though Izzy was a cat I loved him a lot .Izzy and I would chill out in the garage all day together ,sleeping mostly! Izzy would always touch his nose to mine, then sneak out all night with his girlfriend…

I had a really nice grandma ,she bought me as a present for my mom…my mother and I spent everyday together since!I could not take care of my own babies ,being a mom was impossible for me. One day my dad surprised my mom with a puppy, she was mixed with 'Labrador and Belgium Malinois ' she was black just like me and I adopted her as my own baby . Zoe was a terror but I knew exactly how to discipline her …

…My daddy called me princess and my mummy and I were best friends. My mummy would sneak me inside  all the time when my daddy was at work, I spent most of my 6 years in the living room and my daddy never knew …sorry dad! 

Most  evenings my mom would lay down with me on the stairs  and hug me…'I think she enjoyed it more than I did ,but whatever made her happy, made me happy'Feb 2013 my parents discovered tumors on  neck and shoulder and immediately sent me in for surgery… recovering was tough but with gods help and special care from my great parents I pulled through just fine… just when we thought I was almost perfectly healed ,my mom noticed I had fever and rushed me to the doctor. I got an infection that was immediately treated….after about two weeks I felt better with my medication and my parents decided to take me for a fun day at the beach…I had so much fun ,especially barking at the kites …

Things were great ! I was healing fine, my fur stared to grow and cover my scars. My mom took me for my regular visits to see the doctor ( as my wounds were deep and she wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to me )  everything was fine…until 2 weeks ago …again my mom noticed I had fever ,but this time I was very quiet my mom was really scared and  took me to the doctor again…this time I was diagnosed with tick fever!

The most dreadful disease, even though my parents took precaution by spraying me as soon as the tick season started ,those  little pest still got to bite me.My little body was going though so much already and now this…I was taking my meds regularly ,but I was still very quiet my mom was really concerned ,but I was eating so we decided it give it some time … on sat  27th of April my mom gave me liver and rice for dinner  and I could not eat it,  she knew this was a bad sign … in the morning of ,Sunday 28th of April my grandma and dad rushed me to the doctor… MY BLOOD TEST WAS NOT GOOD  and 'iv fluid' was not an option for me ,my blood platelets were low and I needed to be re-hydrated …if I did not eat things would get worse .

My mom tried feeding me with a syringe ,but my body could not fight this awful sickness …anything that went in came right back out…by 9;30pm on Sunday 28th of April my body gave up! I died in my daddy's arms while my mom was on the phone with emergency vet services…I was taken away from my family in a heartbeat because of this horrible disease , please don't let this happen to your pet, even though I am fine in doggie heaven my family is having a hard time dealing with this. 

Tick fever  is serious and tick season is here…please see attracted some websites on tick fever and  symptoms that can help save your pets life !!! Special thanks to Dr Sukoo and Dr Lala for doing all they can to help save my life and for offering there deepest condolences  to my family….. 

Lots of love   LUNA ' from doggie haven'

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