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I support closing the Guantanamo detention facility and urge you to get the job done, today. The US government is obligated under international law to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. Each Guantanamo detainee must either be charged and fairly tried in federal court, or be released to countries that will respect their human rights. Instead of justice for the September 11 attacks, Guantanamo has given the world torture, indefinite detention and unfair trials. It is well past time to change course and close the detention facility.

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Amnesty International

"President Obama is right to recommit to closing Guantanamo. But it's time to do more than talk. Instead of sending more medics to force feed detainees, a process that can amount to ill-treatment, he should take concrete steps to keep his promise to close the detention facility. Even under current Congressional restrictions he can transfer out people like Shaker Aamer. Aamer has been cleared to leave and the UK government says he should be free with his wife and children in London. That process should start today."

-Zeke Johnson, Director of Amnesty International USA's Security with Human Rights Campaign


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