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Greetings from Mauricio and Devin,

We are the directors of the Project Nicaragua UC Berkeley Chapter. Project Nicaragua is a national non-profit which advocate and cultivates sustainable medical and health-related projects in areas of nutrition, socioeconomic development, water quality, and education within Nicaragua.

Our project this summer aims to reduce water-borne illness in rural communities. In Nicaragua and many parts of the world diarrhea is a leading cause of death in children, most of which can be prevented by simply providing clean water. Can you help us get to Nicaragua with enough water filters to help 12,000 people? We´ve already raised enough to provide water for 4,700 people through other fundraising efforts. Please help us reach our goal and cover our operational costs. 

We've both been previously involved with Nicaraguan development projects and would like to tell you a little bit about our experiences.


"I spent last summer working for blueEnergy, researching, desigining, and building an efficient cookstove for a family of 5. My design significantly reduced wood use and the family's exposure to harmful emissions (worldwide, 2 million people a year die from complications attributed to smoke inhalation from the burning of solid fuels - WTO 2006). Working in rural areas I saw the lack of basic resources and poor sanitation communities faced on a daily basis and was driven to make a difference upon my return to UC Berkeley."


"I volunteered at a free clinic in a rural community near Masaya through the NGO ISL. It was an extremely valuable experience serving a community in need. However, I saw a range of sanitation problems that seemed to be directly tied to problems faced by the community. I knew the next project I undertook would use community involvement to identify and address the determinants of health that  go beyond access to medical care."

Having seen so many people with inadequate resources we both felt strongly compelled to make a difference. As directors of the Project Nicaragua UC Berkeley Chapter we are making our vision into a reality. 

Since the the spring of 2011, we've used the resources and knowledge available to us to organize a water filtration and education project. This year, we've gathered a team of 10 passionate and dedicated students to help us  implement our water filtration project in the region of Estelí Nicaragua and we're starting this June!

In Nicaragua we'll be collaborating with La Fem (Fundación Entre Mujeres) to  install the filters amongst the 17 women-led agricultural fair-trade cooperatives they house. They've helped us identify & prioritize communities with the most children. We will also host a series of workshops on water sanitation, filter maintenance, and nutrition.  We are fundraising to purchase as many filters as possible to broaden our impact for these communities in which around 12,000 people reside. 

$50 will cover the purchase and installation of a Waves4Water MVP filter, which can provide clean water to 100 people for 5 years. Can you help us raise money for these filters? Even $10 will make a difference, by helping us access these remote communities.

For additional question you can contact us (the Project Nicaragua UC Berkeley Chapter Directors) at

Thank you for contributing to our efforts to provide clean water access to those in need!

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