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Tired of pressing 1 for English? Not obtaining a job because you are not bilingual? Receiving mail written in another language? Then let our Government know! To start off, it has nothing to do with being prejudice. I am a proud mixture of several nationalities and my family is quite diverse. Quite a few of my family members came to this country without knowing a word of English and they learned the language because they chose to live here. If we were to live in another country, we would have to learn the language of the country WE chose to live in. Our Government needs to put there foot down and say that yes, America is the melting pot but you need to know English to live here. No one is saying give up your culture, you should be proud of your heritage. However, to expect other people who have lived in this country all their lives and for several generations to learn your language is quite unfair. One, you should not be able to obtain a job unless you know English. When I was in high school and tried to get a part time job, I couldn't obtain one because I wasn't bilingual. Two, you should not be able to drive unless you know English. I saw a fender bender and the driver of the one vehicle didn't speak English and the other only spoke English. If you can't speak or READ English, how do you expect to drive? Why are we forcing our children to learn other language? When I was in high school, it was an elective and they offered several languages to learn. Why are important documents in other languages? I could go on and on about the reasons why it should be stated that English is mandatory. If you agree, please sign the petition and pass it on.  

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