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Program Summary
In 2012, NomadHope and our partners began this pilot project, and provided support for thirteen (13) Malian "urban refugee" families and their forty (40) school-aged children. The project focuses on helping urban refugee children remain in school and out of the refugee camps, until they can return home to Mali. These families are Malian refugees living in Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania.
Program Results
Ten of the families began support in July 2012, as a pilot, and completed the program in December 2012. Three additional families were added when funding became available, from October 2012 through March 2013.
After nine (9) months of operation, the project has resulted in a 79% success rate keeping twenty-three (23) of the original twenty-nine (29) school-aged children from thirteen (13) families, in school and out of the refugee camps. The participating families have sixty-one (61) family members living together, including the twenty-three (23) children enrolled in school with good results. Four (4) of the original thirteen families could not find the financial means to remain in Nouakchott when the six month program ended and had to move their families into the refugee camp or to other cities. Some of the families that have successfully remained in the Nouakchott, had to send some family members to the refugee camps, keeping only one adult in the city to assure their children can stay in school.
The participant students wrote letters to us with photographs, and their parents recorded short videos, indicating how they used the funds and their excitement to be going to school. The funds were used in July and August to establish housing near the schools and in September to purchase school supplies and enroll their children, then the remaining funds were used for weekly housing, food, and transportation costs.
Satisfaction is very good for all participants. The first ten families publically thanked NomadHope during their final meeting with Adjmor in December, noting that the assistance we provided was crucial to their existence outside of the camps and that there was no other assistance offered to them due to their status as unregistered "urban refugees". They pleaded for further assistance both for their families and to add additional families to the program, as it has been instrumental in their children's continued education.
Next Steps:
The program is now monitoring nine (9) remaining families to determine their ability to keep children in school for the remainder of the 2013 school year, which ends in June.
For the school year beginning in August 2013, we would like to assist an additional twenty-five (25) families with approximately seventy-five (75) school aged children. This assistance will give seventy-five (75) refugee children the potential to complete the 2013-14 school year and stay out of the refugee camps for another year.
Finances and Fund Raising:
We raised $13,500 to date. Spending for the project to date, over 9 months, includes $7800 to the sponsored families, and $900 to the onsite project manager (to cover transportation to each family for funds distribution and reporting updates, photography for reporting, and email and printing costs), for a total of $8700. NomadHope is also funding the local project office overhead and salaries monthly.
Funding Needed:
The costs for an additional twenty-five (25) families / seventy-five (75) students will be approximately $15,900, including local project management and support on-site.
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