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Strengthen the Voices of Rural Girls in Haiti

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The Marbial Girls' Environmental Stewardship Program is a bold new initiative to improve the lives of  girls in rural parts of Haiti.   The initiative reaches vulnerable girls, some of whom are living without parents, others who are charged with taking care of siblings at a tender age, or who have been victims of sexual exploitation and violence.The initiave recognizes that the lives of rural girls in Haiti are directly connected to the environment and natural resources. Unfortunately, Haiti's rural areas are marked by severe deforestation, erosion and are now subject to the effects of severe weather events each year. This has made extreme hunger, loss of livelihood, and risk of exploitation all too common in the lives of girls.  The initiave begins by
offering peer mentorship and a safe space where girls can learn essential life skills, express themselves, and articulate their needs freely.Girls are then connected to resources, such as counseling, health services that are  often too far away from their remote mountain community, or simply too costly. All the while, girls learn to think systemically about the land and its resources, acquire the skills needed to become better stewards of it, and are emboldened to teach others.

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