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United Nations Human Rights Council

Drones and other unforseen developments in Unmanned Antipersonnel Weapons (UAW) represent a cognitive leap in the technology of killing and surveillance of non-combatant civilians. Such weapons can only repeat the nightmares of unexploded mines and the far too slow learning curve with reguard to MBTs and cluster weapons. The answer is for the Human Rights Council to show the leadership and foresight to end the use of these devices now, before the post conflict disasters have the opportunity to arise. Well the undersigned call on the Human Rights Council to take a stand and call on the signatories of the MBT and clusterweapons ban to extend the provisions of that treaty to include all drones and any future development in Unmanned  Antipersonnel Weapons.


F Davis

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Over 350 civilians, many children, were killed in illegal drone attacks on Pakistan between 2008 and 2011. Sign now so your voice can be heard. Ban Unmanned Antipersonnel Weapons.

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