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Why do we want to save the sea turtles?

Sea turtles are part of two ecosystems, the beach/dune system and the marine system. If sea turtles went extinct, both the marine and beach/dune ecosystems would be negatively affected. And since humans utilize the marine ecosystem as a natural resource for food and since humans utilize the beach/dune system for a wide variety of activities, a negative impact to these ecosystems would negatively affect humans. (Sea Turtle Conservancy)

Kids Having Fun While Saving Turtles

This online campaign is in conjunction with the Sea Turtle Festival on May 11, 2013 starting at 5pm.  A group of elementary kids decided they wanted to do something to help the sea turtles.  We have organized with Cinebarre in Mt. Pleasant, SC, a free community event with an outdoor movie showing Turtle:  The Incredible Journey.  The students have been instrumental in creating awareness and educating others about the challenges sea turtles face.  All proceeds from this event go directly to support the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program.  If you cannot stop by, please consider supporting online.

Why support the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program?

Sea turtles are threatened and endangered species that highlight the many pressing issues surrounding coastal development and ocean conservation. To help ensure that sea turtles have a future in our oceans, the South Carolina Aquarium uses its facilities to aid sick and injured sea turtles through its Sea Turtle Rescue Program.

Sea turtles arrive at the Sea Turtle Hospital with a variety of problems, including bacterial and fungal infections, shock from being exposed to cold temperatures, and wounds from boat strikes and shark bites. A full-time veterinarian is on staff to diagnose each turtle and with the help of hospital staff and volunteers, to provide treatments and rehabilitative care. Currently there are 21 patients at the hospital costing an average of $40/day per patient just for basic care.  (Meet the patients at Sea Turtle Hospital )

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