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With all the negative press and issues, it is nice to read that positive steps are being taken for the animals of Romania.  I hope you enjoy this article.  The link will take you to the original article in Romanian language.

Thank you to Sterilize Dogs NL for your help with sponsorships for 25 spays/neuters per campaign in Tecuci! "Tomita" in full swing ·  April 24, 2013 Association for Animal Protection "Tomita" in Tecumseh is a legal, political, governmental and nonprofit. The purpose of the association is to protect animal rights by ways and means offered by national and international legislation in the field.     From 2010 to the present, following collaboration between Tomita Animal Protection Association and Foundation Romania Animal Rescue U.S. from Tecuci was neutered about 2,300 dogs and catswith and without the holder. The program is held every month and castrate 100 animals free, and registration phone numbers are 0765680807 and 0753636535.      Starting this week, on Friday 26 April castration campaign takes place in a new cabinet, renovated and made available by the City of Tecumseh, the Obor, the new animal hospital.   Also this year the two NGOs have started educational programs in schools, consisting in promoting castration, sterilization of dogs and cats, animal rights, the role and involvement of civil society in the knowledge and application of legislation on animal rights and activities volunteer.   In this regard RAR donated to schools in Tecuci brochure 1500, followed later by donations, to be offered and other brochures.    Activity Association "Tomita" is based on donations and volunteering. If you want to get involved and participate with other animal lovers through volunteer work, contact the numbers mentioned above.   Be responsible! Stop drop! Castrated your dog and cat! If you like what you read post a comment or subscribe to the newsRSS to receive articles focused on this topic. About:


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