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Why Hello There! Thanks so much for visiting our website! As you probably read from our flyers we are a new fundraising group dedicated to helping students afford books for college!  The U.S. Public Interest Research Group completed survey where 7 in 10 college students could not come up with the money to afford a required textbook for one or more of their classes (

Publishers constantly make new editions of textbooks EVERY YEAR causing prices to SKYROCKET and rendering the previous editions obsolete (usually preventing a student from participating in a school store sponsored 'book buy-back'). found that in 2011 the average cost for a book was $175, with each class requiring at least 1-2 books, and each student taking almost 3 classes per semester.  This adds up to about 900$ PER YEAR just in BOOKS! In two years the cost of books equal to 72% of the initial college tuition, however we are determined to relieve the burdensome books from the minds of some students!

As a college graduate I personally know the financial burden of higher education and how books alone can make a student lose their focus quicker than a cheetah on steroids! I hope you can help us 'lighten the load' of current and soon-to-be college students and any donation is greatly, deeply appreciated!

 And if you are unable to donate today there are other ways to help! I urge everyone to spread the word of our campaign against outrageously priced books and help our young adults focus on what's really important! If you have any questions please contact us at :(443) 842-6657 or GIFT-4-BOOKS for more information on our mission please visit our blog.

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Jeffrey Strain

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