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A lack of family planning resources in a worldwide problem. Worldwide, an estimated 200 million women do not have access to the family planning services they need. Although the use of contraceptives has substantially risen in the past decade, many women are still left out of the picture.

In underdeveloped countries, contraceptives are not easily available for a variety of reasons. Some countries are highly religious, and dismiss it on that basis. Some women just don't have enough information or may not know about the resources that should be available to them.

Read more about the accessibility and importance of family planning here.

Due to this, it is important to do more than send financial aid to countries that do not offer family planning services. These people need to be informed how family planning can significantly improve their lives more than anything before they are willing to give it a chance.

The United Nations Foundation has a program called the Universal Access Project which aims to educate and offer family planning services to women worldwide. Learn more about their project here.

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