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Therapy Animals are extremely therapeutic for people with special needs like Autism. We have a Pot Belly Pig for this reason and now after almost 2 years the City of Fenton Michigan wants us to get rid of this comapnion animal. Eli is  Therapy for an 11 year old girl with special needs (autism). Eli is awesome! He is an indoor pet, very intelligent and quieter than the dogs in our neighborhood.Eli does not bark, bite or chase anyone away. Eli is truly a Blessing for our family. The selfishness, prejudice, discrimination and harassment by others has caused our family much grief. Eli is a domestic indoor Therapy Animal not a wild animal nor a farm animal; Eli lives indoors with us and has his own room. PLEASE HELP US tell the City of Fenton Michigan to allow us to keep our Eli. Thank you so much for helping us and especially Eli! God Bless, The Zienteks


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