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Help make history and save lives: Join Team Zoe Goes Running and receive an official event t-shirt!

Beginning on May 18th, Zoe Romano will attempt to make history by being the first person, male or female to run the route of the Tour de France. This journey will take her over 2,000 miles through the Alps, the Pyrannes Mountains  and ascending the elevation equivalent to three Mount Everests.  She will run an average of 30 miles a day for 64 days, finishing one day ahead of the cyclists in the Tour de France.   

Yet this journey isn't just about running. This is about getting off the sidelines to live life and fulfill dreams.  And, through your support of Zoe, her run will also become about fulfilling the dreams of hundreds of children and their families to receive lifesaving surgical care. She will donate funds raised to World Pediatric Project.

Zoe is seeking 1,000 team members to join her and support her during her 2,000 mile quest. This will fund an entire pediatric team to travel to Central America, helping hundreds of children in need.  Members of Team Zoe Goes Running who give $25 or more will receive an official t-shirt, and regular updates directly from Zoe during her 9 week journey in France.  Will you join her today?


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