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The latest news about empathy and compassion from around the world. Stay informed and build the movemetn.

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==================== Empathy Curriculum
Build the Empathy Curriculum. Add Activities, Lesson Plans & Curriculum For Learning Empathy & Compassion 
 Teaching Empathy
Articles about Teaching and Learning how to be more Empathic and Compassionate.

Empathy and Compassion in Education
Latest News about Empathy and Compassion in Education. Grades K-12 & College.

  Empathy and Animals
New International News Page about Empathy and Compassion with, by and for Animals.  

Empathy in the Workplace
International News about Empathy in the Workplace.  

  Empathy & Justice
 International News about Empathy, Justice, Restorative Justice, Mediation and the Law.  

 Empathy & HealthCare
The latest News about Empathy and Heath Care from around the world.    

 News about Empaths - people acutely sensitive and empathic to others feelings.  

Empathy in the Arts
Empathy and Compassion in the Arts (Drawing, Writing, Stories, Poetry, Music, Dance, Fine Art, etc)

 Self-Empathy and Self-Compassion
Latest News about Self-Empathy and Self-Compassion  

Specific News about Compassion.  

 Charter for Compassion
News about the Charter for Compassion.  

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Links to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Compassionate Communications  

  Empathy Quotes
Quotes about Empathy and Compassion. 

Edwin Rutsch 
Center for Building a Culture of Empathy


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