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Justice for Kiera


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Go to http://www.animalsvote.org/myPage.jsp?id=225 and click on the word PLEDGE right under my name to join!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me or my FB page that my focus is 200% on animals! From blowing the whistle on abuse to crossposting for rescue to ending the killing in "shelters", I spend countless hours advocating for them... A few months ago I got on board with a new organization called AnimalsVote.Org, an off-shoot of The Buddy Fund & Dogs In Danger. Why Animals Vote? Because I believe their plan for reforming the laws governing animal rights, welfare and protection beats every other group that professes to care - groups I stopped putting faith and money into long ago. Because I believe with all my heart that the only way things will change for the better is through political activism. And building a machine that can out-lobby the folks who keep the suffering and death going, that takes funds... so now that our website is thriving, our legal team is in place and our fantastic base of volunteers are ready to take action, we begin our membership drive. I'm asking you to take a leap of faith for something I'm certain you want as badly as I do - a NO-KILL NATION! For a mere $15.00 (or more, if you choose!) you can get in on the ground floor of what could prove to be the game changer for companion animals across the USA! We will advocate in every state of the union and 100% of the revenue from this membership drive will go towards that fight. As if the thought of changing the fate of surrendered and homeless pets forever isn't rewarding enough, our generous sponsors are offering almost $500 in savings, discounts and free gifts as an added incentive for becoming an Animals Vote member! I want you warriors in the trenches with us! I want us to lock arms and make this dream come true together. If you're as sick and tired of the "same old" as I am and ready to knock down the walls of suffering and death, go to my pledge page at: http://www.animalsvote.org/myPage.jsp?id=225 which will take you to the Animals Vote website, and click the pledge button under my name. DON'T CLICK THE DONATE BUTTON TOP RIGHT!!! Once you join, you can get your OWN pledge page to share the dream with friends, family and every animal lover you know. This just may be the best $15.00 you've ever spent... but whatever you decide, thank you, my friend, for your huge heart for animals!


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