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Here is a template regarding Bill C-486, the Conflict
Minerals Act. I hope that all Canadians who see this will take part.
This is how we make the world better through the democratic process. The
people of the Congo need you to take a stand, and it doesn't cost you
anything, you don't even need to use a postage stamp. It is best if you
hand write and send the letter snail mail. 

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 Hon. ________

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 

Dear ___________, 

I fully support Bill C-486, the Conflict Minerals Act. I am writing to you to ask you to support this bill in parliament.

Millions of people have died and many have been raped in the eastern
Congo due to a civil war fueled by conflict minerals. As Canadians, we
have a responsibility to do what we can to end crimes against humanity
and bring peace to the Congo. 

Thank you very much for considering my views. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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